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hANGER, a condition best described as a rapid, wild, and potentially friendship ending combination of anger and hunger. When your blood sugar drops and you need a snack, you'll eat almost anything to feel better. With FATSBAR'S hANGER Management Program, you can have the best craving crushing bar on you with the ease and convenience of of auto-ship. 

Fatsbar's hANGER Management Program  is a monthly auto-ship subscription service providing steady relief to those affected by hANGER. Flexible program allows you to adjust your order frequency, freeze shipments and cancel anytime! 


Ingredients: Organic cashew butter, organic dates, prebiotic fiber, almonds, organic 100% cacao chocolate chips, pea protein, organic cocoa, organic coconut oil, organic raw hemp protein, organic vanilla extract, pink himalayan salt, stevia