FAT: The Missing Link

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FAT: The Missing Link

Could FAT be the missing link to your health?

Over the past 30+ years, the government and nutrition industries have been telling us that LOW FAT diets will prevent disease and promote health. Just check out this recently released article about how the sugar industry shifted the unhealthy blame to fat! 


If that were the case, then how come one-third of U.S. Americans are obese? Why is heart disease the leading cause of death in the United States?


I will tell you why! When food companies removed fat from all those products (for health reasons, pshh) the food tasted like actual CRAP.

FAT equals FLAVOR.

So what did they pump the fat-free food-stuff with so it would taste good? Sugar!


This complicated things for Americans. Have you ever noticed how after you eat something like toast, cereal or crackers you end up feeling hungrier than before you ate it?


 When our food-like substances were filled with sugar and chemicals to make them taste edible, they were free from healthy fats that keep our bodies satiated leaving us feeling hungry (or even hANGRY!)  ALL the time.


But what if we switched back? What if we actually removed the sugar from our diet and started eating fat again? Some current research shows that incorporating more healthy fat in your diet can support weight loss, reduce inflammation and energize your body better than sugar and carbs can. 


Are you falling victim to this vicious cycle? Here are some tips you can use to BREAK the habit and start feeling great.


1. Remove processed, refined carbohydrates and sugars from your diet.

This includes sugar, high fructose corn syrup, malt syrup, pasta, breads and processed foods claiming they contain "whole grains". The grain is pulverized into a flour which when eaten,  spikes blood sugar and send your hormones into a tizzy, making you feel hungry and causing inflammation. Try to get your carbohydrates from eating a variety of whole vegetables instead. 


2. Start eating more FAT.

Nuts, fish, coconuts, grass fed and pastured animal products and avocados are excellent varieties of all the healthy dietary fats your body NEEDS to function at its best. When you start incorporating more fat into your diet, your hormones and blood sugar begin to balance. This creates a sense of satiety so you can stop feeling hANGRY on the sugar spiked roller coaster. 

3. Drink more water.

Yes. Stay hydrated so your body can properly deliver nutrients! Every cell in your body thrives when your hydrated, so drink up! 




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