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For Immediate Release
December 21, 2015

DAYTONA, FL – Two-Time AMA Pro Supersport Champion and current British Superbike Racer James Rispoli launches Fatsbar LLC, a nutrition company dedicated to a healthy life-style. The companies flagship product The Original FATSBAR is Gluten Free, Paleo Friendly, non GMO and Vegan. It was conceived after two seasons in the UK working on his own personal nutritional program with health and fitness expert Brad Howell of Physique Designs.

The balanced macronutrients used in James own program which favored healthy fats worked better than any other nutritional plan he ever tried. The meal plans left him satisfied, helped him burn fat and made it easier to maintain weight throughout the long, hard and vigorous race seasons. However, James great new nutritional program left him looking for a supplemental and healthy food bar that could be snacked on between meals with the same balanced macronutrients yet none were available. James idea for a healthy, high fat and craving crushing whole food bar began and The Original Fatsbar was born. 

Here are ALL the ingredients you can look forward to when you purchase The Original FATSBAR. Organic Cashew butter, organic dates, Prebiotic Fiber, Almonds, Organic 100% Cacao Chocolate Chips, Pea Protein, Organic Cacao, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Raw Hemp Protein, Organic Vanilla Extract, Himalayan Pink Salt, Stevia.

FATSBAR released its first production 12 pack of FATSBAR’S to pre-order customers on December 18th. Since then the reviews have been amazing such as this one. “I just had my first FATSBAR and it is sooo good! Seriously exceeded my expectations. Thank god because I have been needing a Paleo friendly meal bar that I can eat throughout the day. Success! I will be a FATSBAR regular going forward.”

The Original Fatsbar can be purchased on-line at www.fatsbar.com by the Single Box of 12 or by Monthly Subscription where there is a $4.95 savings per box.

At FATSBAR we know you deserve the best. That’s why FATSBAR is committed to delivering only the finest ingredients so you can maximize your potential. We don’t just set the bar, we are the bar. WWW.FATSBAR.COM